The MatchWigs Bookmarklet is a button you add to your browser''s Bookmarks Toolbar so you can easily reference your cosplay character when shopping for a wig. No more toggling between 2 browser tabs. Now you can get your character image and wig image side by side!

Chrome Toolbar
matchwigs marklet

matchwigs marklet


Installing the bookmarklet is easy:

1. First, make sure your browser''s bookmark toolbar is visible. In Chrome, choose "Show bookmarks bar" from the Wrench > Bookmarks.

2. Second, drag the yellow bookmarklet button seen above to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

3. That''s it! Now to start using, just upload your cosplay character into the viewfinder and drag the bookmarklet around your wigs store. Works on any site. Sweet!

MatchWigs Bookmarklet Screenshot


Share with your friends what you are cosplaying and get opinions and comments. If you are lucky, they might even recommend you an exact wig match!

1. To start sharing, simply name the character and the comic/anime/game it came from.

2. Adjust your image within the viewfinder depending how you want it to appear in your Facebook/Tumblr post.

3. Click Facebook Share Icon or Tumblr Post Icon to start posting to Facebook or Tumblr!