How long does it take to process my order?

All orders are processed within 2-3 business days Mondays - Fridays (+8GMT) after order placement. You will receive an email update throughout each packing process until your package leaves our warehouse.

*note: we are unable to cancel processed order(s). If order(s) has been processed, we are unable to recall the product once it has shipped out from our warehouse.

How do I know if my order has been successfully placed?

Once you have successfully made payment, you will be brought to a page to confirm your order placement and you will receive an email from us with all the order details.

Do I have to be a member to order?

Yep. However, we made it such that when you checkout and enter your shipping info, you are already creating an account. Kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Pretty neat right? (=

Your time and date seems to be wrong

Don't worry, we did not invent a time travel machine. Our website system uses the +8GMT timezone. So if your state/city is in -5GMT, that means the time and date you see at our website is 13 hours ahead of you.

Can I add a wig to my Amazon wishlist first?

Certainly! Simply use the Amazon Universal Wishlist here.

I can't login

Sometimes in The Kingdom of Wigs, the king could be a 'lil grouchy. Try an alternate browser like Chrome and re-attempt here again. If it still doesn't work, please contact us here.

I got "TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to add the product."

Aww..the cart is just being a little fussy here. Try clearing your cookies first. If it does not work, use an alternative web browser. One of this usually solves the problem. Otherwise, please contact us here. We'll tackle the problem with you :)

Kept getting this error "The alias "My address" has already been used. Please select another one."

That's because your address has already been saved. Simply ignore the error and scroll down to select your shipping method and click on the Paypal payment option to proceed with your payment (= 

I did not receive any emails after placing my order

Emails sometimes do go wrong. Check your spam/junk folder. Otherwise, it is likely you have mis-typed your email address during signup or checkout. Drop us an email here and we'll help fix it for you :)



Is shipping really free?

Yep. We ship free via Standard Shipping worldwide. You just have to wait a couple more days with Standard Shipping as compared to DHL courier. We made great buddies with the postal guys and they thought we were cool to hang out with so they charged us only nominal fees to get their daily coffee fix. Since it cost a little after such special treatment, why not make it free for all our customers!

What are your shipping options and shipping times?

Below is for general reference only. An estimated time frame to your country will be provided during Check out. Sundays are excluded.

  • Free Standard: 15-30 days after shipped (except Canada)
  • Registered Shipping: 12-20 days after shipped (except Canada)
  • Express Registered USA Shipping: 6-12 days after shipped (USA only)
  • DHL Standard Shipping: 3-7 days after shipped
*Add 2-3 business days to process and pack your order. 
note: Shipping time will be extended during festive seasons i.e. Christmas to New Year and all international holidays. As shipping time is unpredictable, please order if you are comfortable with the waiting time.

How much is Registered Shipping?

Add $2 for Registered Shipping. "Registered Shipping" is basically "Free Standard Shipping" with a tracking number so you know where your package has visited. The tracking number will be issued once your order is processed and will be available for tracking on the 3rd to 5th day. A signature is required from anyone at your location upon receiving the package, this ensures a better deliverability rate.

Does DHL come with tracking number?

Yep. All DHL shipping comes with tracking number just so that they could use their techie scanners to perform some geekie stuff with those barcodes.

What do these order statuses mean?

  • Payment accepted - Nice, we've received your payment and will be processing your order soon
  • Preparation in progress - Looks like someone is attending to your order now and getting it all prepped up for shipment. It usually takes about 1-2 business day(s)
  • Shipped - Woo! Your package must be sitting inside either a truck or plane now
  • Delivered - Yeppie! Your wig is sitting comfortably at your home now waiting to make friends with you. Your Loyalty Points are also available to be converted into voucher here.

Where do you guys ship from?

We get asked this a lot. Our office is located in a beautiful island called Singapore. Our warehouse is located in Hong Kong. We ship from either location depending on our stock allocation. Either way, the estimated shipping time is still the same. (=

Is our shipping insured?

Shipping via Free Standard Shipping and Registered Shipping are both not insured. Shipping via DHL courier is always insured and we suggest using this option for large quantity purchases (=

Can I opt for insurance for Standard or Registered Shipping?

Nope. Although shipping via Standard Shipping is generally safe but you could opt for DHL courier for a peace of mind =D

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

DHL courier does not accept PO Boxes. For Free Standard Shipping we advise against using a PO Box. If a PO Box is the only address you have, we recommend that you opt for Registered Shipping and ensure your PO Box has not expired. We will ship according to the address provided and the rest will depend on your local postal. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Do you ship to APO addresses?

Nope, sergeant! DHL would not deliver to APO address and using Free and Registered Shipping would be a risk. We recommend that you have it delivered to an office or residential address and have someone hand the package over to you. For honor and glory!

My billing address and delivery address are different

Cool, you live in many places! Go to your address management page in your MatchWigs account to "Add An Address" and give it a nice cool alias. Go back to checkout and uncheck the box under Addresses and select your address from the drop down menu accordingly. If you are paying via debit/credit card, the shipping address at Paypal's website may appear opposite but you can disregard this. If you are paying via Paypal funds, make sure your MatchWigs billing address exactly matches your Paypal address. You can always drop us an email here if you still encounter a problem.

Are there countries you don't ship to?

Yes. We do not ship to Brazil and Russia at the moment due to customs issues.

How much is shipping tax?

We don't do evil. MatchWigs doesn't charge tax on your order, don't worry. (= Some local customs may collect customs tax which is beyond our control and we don't have information on your local customs tax conditions and rates. We always mark your package as "Gift". Most customers will not need to be charged customs tax. Please note that customs tax (if any) are evaluated based on product cost plus shipping cost combined in most countries. Please contact your local customs for more information.

Why do I keep seeing "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" on my tracking link?

You should simply ignore any statuses that reads "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" all together. This happens only for Registered Shipping packages heading to United States as USPS is constantly pulling outdated information from Singpost.


Delivery and Address Issues

I kinda missed the postman when he was here

If you opted for Registered Shipping or DHL during your purchase, simply call your nearest post office or DHL call center respectively to arrange a re-delivery with your tracking number. If you are on Free Shipping, you might have to try your luck at the nearest post office telling them your address to see if they still have your package because they can't trace your package without a tracking number and Free Shipping doesn't come with a tracking number. Uncollected packages after 10 days are usually sent back to us which will incur additional charges.

My package was sent back by the postal or courier company

Uncollected packages after 10 days are usually sent back to us. Orders with incorrect address will also be returned. This may take a few months to arrive at our warehouse because of a different shipping route. A $10 restocking fee applies for refunds or reships in this case. Refunds are less shipping. Reships are plus shipping.



What payments do you accept? VISA & MasterCard?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal funds. Both VISA and MasterCard are also processed via Paypal Inc.

Do I need a Paypal account to pay?

Nope. The guys at Paypal made it easy to pay via all major credit cards without a Paypal account.

Can I pay with a gift card I bought at a local store for Paypal?

Well, sometimes we have to flip a coin to give you a definite answer to this. As long as it has 16-digits and an expiry date, go ahead and give it a try when you are brought to the Paypal page for payment. Alternatively, we highly recommend a gift card like MoneyPak that partners with Paypal. You simply use MoneyPak to add funds into your Paypal account which you later use to make payment. Locate a local store selling MoneyPak here.

I received a Payment error and my order seems to be created

If you received a "Payment error" email from us, most likely the payment was unsuccessful, your card is not charged. An order is generated but it will be an invalid order. Aww... Here are some of the possible solutions:

[L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10736] Error about mismatch in your Paypal address and MatchWigs Billing address.
[Solution] Check that you have not used any abbreviations in your address or city and that it's spelt in full (eg. eg. "Saint Clair Shores" instead of "St Clair"). Otherwise, please contact us here and we will try to help sort things out =)

[L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10729] Shipping address state empty 
[Solution] Make sure that you have filled in your State for both your MatchWigs Delivery Address and Billing Address. If you have created a new address template, be sure to select the correct address template under the "Choose a delivery address:" drop down menu.

[L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10417] Alternative payment method 
[Solution] Make sure your debit card has sufficient funds. If you are using a gift card, ensure that it is officially support by Paypal (eg. MoneyPak gift cards. Locate a local store selling MoneyPak here). Order will not be generated if you encounter this error.

I got a "PAYPAL RETURN ERROR" while trying to make payment. What should I do?

The guys over at Paypal could be naggy at times because they found some problems with your credit card. This is usually due to insufficient funds, an expiration of your credit card or an attempt to use a pre-paid/gift card. Simply use a new credit card and it should solve the problem. Otherwise, drop us an email here and we will work out the issue together with you.

My Delivery Address is different from my Billing Address, how do I change them?

So you have tonnes of different addresses, proxies and stuff huh? If you need to specify a different Delivery Address from your Billing Address, be sure to uncheck the "Use the delivery address as the billing address." checkbox. But make sure that your Billing Address and your Paypal Address matches in order for payment to go smoothly, otherwise please contact us here and we will try to help sort things out =)

Do you accept eCheck?

Unfortunately we do not. But you can drop us an email here and we will gladly work something out for you (=

What currencies do you accept?

US Dollars only. All other currencies are for reference purposes only.


Cosplay Wigs and Products

What is the circumference of your caps?

Our wig cap size sewn to the fibers is 21 inches / 53cm unstrectched and can stretch up to 23-24 inches / 58-61cm. Our wigs also come with fastener straps just in case you got a baby cute head that is smaller than 21 inches. Don't worry, our wigs are designed to fit most heads

Are your wigs heat resistant?

Yes, they sure are! Our wigs are made from Hiperlon fiber that can withstand the harsh heat of your hair blower or hair straightener at up to temperature of 360°F/180°C. But remember to give your wig a nice pat and stroke after that so that it still feel loved. Aww.

Can your wigs be shampoo washed, straightened and curled?

Yes, certainly! Our wigs love to get a cool shampoo bath once in a while when it feels too dirty. They also love to look nice and pretty so straightening and curling them will certainly make them happy! Be creative!

Can I use normal hair dyes to color the wigs?

Heat resistant wigs do not hold on to hair dyes well and our wigs are not made to do so. Use a Sharpies pen dye instead and start from the least obvious area first to test the color.

Does your wig come with a wig cap?

Nope. We are focusing on what we do best. Sell wigs! You could easily get a black wig cap from a local store. Don't worry, all our wigs come with a wig base which the fibers are sewn on.

What are lace front wigs? Do you sell them?

Lace front wigs are used when you need to comb the bangs/hair all the way to the back. They are usually more expensive and we do not sell them at the moment.

Do you do commission or custom wig styling?

Nope, not at this moment. We had like to focus on getting you good quality wigs with awesome customer service experience!

Do your wigs come as styled in the product images I see on your website?

We ship all wigs out unstyled. We do minimum styling to the wigs before the photo shoot which is what you see on the product page.

How natural are your wigs?

We have yet to invent a scale to measure "naturalisticity" =D Our wigs are made with soft fibers looking pretty natural on your head (=


Loyalty and Vouchers

How does the loyalty points work?

Loyalty points is just one way of us saying Thank you! Every $10 spent earns you 1 loyalty point which can be used to convert into $0.20 voucher.

How are the loyalty points calculated?

Loyalty points are totalled up and rounded down during checkout. Don't worry, to make it easy, just add all your items to your shopping cart and click "Check out" and we will total it all up for you.

I bought a Gift Voucher for a friend, who is entitled the loyalty points?

It goes to the account that bought the Gift Voucher after the voucher is issued. The loyalty points you got from buying the Gift Voucher can still be converted into store voucher to be sent to a friend :)

How do I convert my loyalty points into voucher?

Simply click on "My loyalty points" in your account to start converting.

Why isn't my Point Status Available yet?

Your loyalty points will be "Available" once your order has been successfully delivered to you.

What do the Point Statuses mean?

  • Available - Kewl! Looks like you can now convert your Loyalty Points into voucher
  • Awaiting validation - The package is still on the ship. Once you inform Captain MatchWigs you have received your package via email, we will update the status to Available. Aye aye captain!
  • Already converted - You have already converted the Loyalty Points into voucher. It's time to use your voucher for your next purchase. Shop for more to collect more Loyalty Points (=
  • Cancelled - This is most likely a result of a refund of your order. The status will remain as this unless there is a change in your order status under special circumstances

Can I send my voucher to my best friend?

Yep! By default we restrict the voucher to your account. But since you are such an awesome generous buddy, we can make it available to your friend on request. Just drop us an email with your voucher code and we will process your request. 

Can I combine vouchers?

Loyalty Vouchers - These are commulative vouchers in your MatchWigs account which can be combined during checkout. Keep buying wigs and you will get more!

Store Vouchers - Obtained during contests or other rare occassions, lucky you! They cannot be combined with each other or with Loyalty Vouchers.


Gift Vouchers

What is a Gift Voucher?

It allows you to be super duper awesome and brings you one step closer to being generous buddha. What you are purchasing is a code with a pre-defined value which can be sent to your friends, kids or even social media fans.

How does a Gift Voucher work?

You purchase the Gift Voucher from our website. We will email you the Gift Voucher code within 24 hours. You can then send this alpha-numeric code to your receiver and they will be able to apply it during shopping checkout to shave some cool dollars off their purchase.

What happens to the Gift Voucher's unused amount after a purchase?

The beauty of our Gift Voucher is that every cent counts. Our system automatically generates a new voucher code sent via email to the shopper for any left over unused amounts. No tricks, no pricks, just gooOood Karma (=


Returns/Exchange and Refunds

I changed my mind, do you accept returns/exchange?

Yep, we do, only if the package has not been opened. We know most sellers don't accept returns/exchange and sometimes you might change your mind after purchase but we are totally cool with that. Just drop us an email and ship the unopened package back to us within 30 days from the date of purchase or 7 days upon package delivery (whichever later) and your exchange or refund will be processed accordingly. This does not apply to uncollected packages or incorrect delivery address.

Please note return/refund will be subjected to a processing administrative fee and shipping cost. Please contact our customer service for more details.

*note: please do not ship back the unopened wig to the default address indicated in the packaging label - we will never get it back (drop us an email to contact our customer service for more details)

Do you pay for return shipping?

Unfortunately we don't. You will have to bear the cost and responsibility for international shipping. Once the package arrives safely at our warehouse, we will take responsibility from there and process your refunds. The original shipping fees for your order will not be refunded.

I have opened the package, can I still request for returns/exchanage?


You guys sent me a defective order, what should I do?

We apologize for the mistake. Our guys at the packing bay are usually meticulous but sometimes things do slip pass their razor sharp eyes. Just drop us an email with your order number and we will rectify the issue as soon as possible.


Contact Us

How do I contact you guys?

You can lick a stamp and snail mail us if you like. But I guess no one does that anymore. Drop us an email here or catch us at LiveSupport and we will be glad to assist you.

Do you have fixed hours for LiveSupport?

Nope, we don't. Sometimes we could be working on a new line of wigs, packing your order, walking the dog, lazing at the beach, chatting with Mr. Postman (who delivers your order btw), who knows? But if you drop us an email, we will be sure to get back to you real soon!

How long does it take to get back to me?

If you drop us an email, we will get back to you within 12 hours. Sometimes if we are on Red Bull, things could get pretty fast!

You guys are super duber awesome!! Do you have a social fan page?

Yes, we do! Click here to add us on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram =D



Privacy Policy

Do you use my personal information for anything other than completing my order?

Certainly not. We do not share, sell or trade any of your personal information. We protect them on our secured servers.